The R package wiesbaden provides functions to directly retrieve data from databases maintained by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (DESTATIS) in Wiesbaden. The package uses the SOAP XML web service from DESTATIS (PDF Documentation).

Access to the following databases is implemented:

Note, to access any of the databases using this package, you need to register on the respective website to get a personal login name and password. The registration is free.


You can install the package directly from CRAN:


Or install the latest version from Github using:

remotes::install_github("sumtxt/wiesbaden", force=TRUE)


The package helps with retrieving the data cubes which are used to construct the data tables available as csv files via the web application of each database. The data cubes are long format data tables that are much easier to process as compared to the csv files. For details on how to use the package: Getting Started with wiesbaden.

The package also helps with importing the German municipality register files via the function read_gv100(). For more information see the help file of this function.

Users that wish to work with the csv files might find the download_csv() and read_header_genesis() in this package helpful. The former can be used to automate downloads and the latter facilitates importing downloaded files. Users might also wish to check the R package destatiscleanr


  • Does this package work with a proxy? Yes. Set the proxy globally before calling any package command, e.g.:

            "your.proxy", port = 1234, auth = "basic"))
    data <- retrieve_data(tablename="14111KJ002", 
  • When I try to access the data from I get an error message. What can I do? Different from the other databases, you need to get a premium acccount (see above) to access the raw data (Datenquader).

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