The GV100 format is used by DESTATIS to publish the German municipality register

read_gv100(file, stzrt, version = NULL, lcl = locale(encoding = "iso-8859-1"))



path to file


integer to select the administrative level (see details)


which GV100 version. If NULL the version is guessed based on the file name.


a readr::locale() specifying the encoding of the file.


a data.frame.


The Gemeindeverzeichnis (municipality register) is published in a fixed width file refered to as "GV1000 ASCII Format" by DESTATIS. The register features the list of municipality and higher order administrative units.

There are two types of files: One feature the administrative information (version="AD") and one with non-administrative (version="NAD"). If version=NULL, read_gv100() guess the type based on the file name.

To select a particular administrative unit use the stzrt argument (Satzart). For the AD version, the following choices are possible:

10 - Länder (states) 20 - Regierungsbezirke 30 - Regionsdaten (only Baden-Württemberg) 40 - Kreise (counties) 50 - Gemeindeverbandsdaten 60 - Gemeinden (municipalities)

For the NAD version only:

41 - Kreise (counties) 61 - Gemeinden (municipalities)

See also


if (FALSE) { d <- read_gv100("GV100NAD31122016.asc", stzrt=60) }